Watch is non working with loose hands.  The photo shoot is just an excuse to get the right program on the specators phone.
Watch comes with an elarborate program that runs on Rostami Magic's Inject 2 Operating system
You must own and be familiar with how the Inject 2
system works before considering this effect.
With 720 possible time settings, these have to be entered manually.  Watch comes with detailed video instructions for each step.  While not hard to do, it is repetisious and will take you about 5 hours.  This can be spread out over a week with just an hour each day.  It will also be good practice to familiar yourself with learning the swipe coding.so you can do it without thinking.
Once installed, you can easily bring up any time exactly to the minute over and over, and it is ready to go anytime day or night.
I can enter in the infromation for you for an additional cost.
Demonstration Video wmv
Demonstration Video m4v
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