Magician brings out an unusual antique pocket watch.  It appears to be broken as it rattles and the hands are loose.  Magician suggests we use it for a test of telekinesis.  That is, using your mind to move something
Spectator is asked to think of any time to the minute and to write it down for safe keeping.
Magician uses his phone to take a picture of the watch and text messages the photo to the spectator's phone
He then puts his phone away in his pocket.
Spectator is given the watch to hold as he tries to visualize his time on the photo of the watch.
When not having any luck, the performer suggest that perhaps the hands are stuck and he should tap the screen .  When the spectator does this, the hands instantly jump into position.
It is close to the spectators time, but a couple of minutes off. Performer suggests gently blowing on his phone and when he does, the minute hand gently moves to the correct time.
After experiment is over, the phone can be turned face down, given a slight shake, and the hands are once again all over the dial.
Effect and be repeated as many times as needed with no reset.
Watch with Loose Hands
Spectator freely selects anytime
Performer takes a photo of him holding the watch
Photo of watch is text messaged to the spectator's phone
Hands are moved mentally by the spectator,
but time is off by 1 minute
Spectator gently blows on the photo
Minute hand gently moves into the correct position
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