A beautiful Oriental Praxinoscope is shown. It was made by the Oriental conjurer Sea-Ling, and patterned after the French model invented by Emile Reynaud in 1877 as an improvement over the Zoetrope. However the Sea-Ling model has magical abilities in connections with the spirit world. A couple of cards are chosen by spectators and placed face down by the Praxinoscope.
The magician demonstrates the scope by giving it a gentle spin and a boy with a hoop has a couple of dogs jumping through it. That strip is removed, and a second strip is shown.
This time it is the devil doing somersaults out of a black hat.  That strip is removed and the scope is spun again.
This time the display is a bunch of skeletons dancing over tombstones.
The first spectator stares  at the dancing skeletons until he sees a ghostly image appear on one of the tombstones. It is 4S for the four of spades.  His card just turned over and it is indeed the four of spades.
The second spectator gives the scope a spin and his card also appears on one of the tombstones. Afterwards everything can be examined or additional strips put in for more entertainment.  
Operational Notes:
To keep the reveal as ghostly as possible, the flash is brief and transitory. Several factors are to be considered while performing.
Ambient light is a factor. In a bright sunlit room, you are unable to see the image. In the dark, the image appears to be too bright like a light flashing. Unit plays best in slightly subdued lighting.  Also, because the flash so brief, the spectator should be directed to concentrate on the tombstones.
Speed of rotation is also a factor. In a darkened room (such as a sťance) the drum can be spinning faster and the reveal will be shorter but brighter. Sense the reveal is controlled by the magician, in slightly subdued lighting, waiting until the spinning drum has just about stopped will give a longer flash.
If the spectator misses it, just repeat the spin. Some performance experimentation will be required.
In keeping with the antique whimsical toy effect, all units have a slight wobble and eccentricity to them.
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